September 2014 Issue

How Much Do You Trust Professional Wine Critics?

Most of us buy our wines based on ratings of professional wine critics. We feel a sense of security that we are trusting our wine purchase decisions to professionals. However, research have shown that only 10% of judges are consistent. Scientist have surmised that wine is too complex for the human senses to recognize it correctly, hence it becomes inconsistent from one judge to another. Shockingly, a typical wine contains 27 organic acids, 23 varieties of alcohol, more than 80 esters and aldehydes, 16 sugars, dozens of vitamins and mineral compounds. That’s a lot of information to digest (pun intended)! At Carecci, a wine supplier Singapore shop, we believe that ultimately the only rating you should trust is your own rating.

The DNA of a Good Import Food Supplier

A good import food supplier has three aspects to them: reliability, price competitiveness and foresight. A reliable supplier is one who is trustworthy and can be depended on. Hence checking the track record of your supplier is essential; if the supplier has big names as its clientele, they are most likely reliable. Secondly, you don’t want to pay exorbitant prices for the same product that you get at a cheaper rate. A supplier at the bottom of the value chain tends to charge higher prices as they have to mark up from another supplier. Therefore, look for direct import suppliers such as Carecci, a food supplier Singapore shop. Lastly, the supplier must have the foresight to import the right kind of goods that the market or your customer wants.

Meet Italy’s Hard Liquor Stars

Italy is also responsible for popular liquors. Grappa to Italy is Whisky to Scotland. With a remarkable high alcohol content, Italian farmers of the middle ages drank Grappa to keep themselves warm during the harsh winters. Grappa is a distilled beverage mostly made from pomace and carries hints of caramel amidst a strong herbaceous flavor resembling grapes. Then there’s Sambuca. It is made with the infusion of witch elder bush and liquorice and is sweetened with sugar and enriched with a combination of herbs and spices. Let’s not forget Limoncello. To make Limoncello, lemon zest or peels without the pith is immersed in grain alcohol until the oil is released. These glorious Italian liquors can be found at Carecci, a hard liquor Singapore shop.

The Cheapest Parma Ham in Town at Your Convenience

Long gone are the days where you have to drive down to the local supermarket or the butcher to stock up your meat for cooking. With the advent of e-commerce solutions, customers can now purchase their meat with a click of a button. All they really need to do is to wait for the meat to be delivered. At Carecci, we also believe that price should not cause stress. Hence we have made it a point to obtain the best prices through direct import and transfer this cost savings to our customers. By marrying affordability with convenience, Parma ham, a dry-cured ham which is seeing a rising demand in Singapore can now be purchased online. Carecci, a meat supplier Singapore shop is proud to bring this great Italian hallmark to meat lovers straight to their doorstep.

August 2014 Issue

A Shocking Revelation

When bone health comes into mind, we always think of milk. This is about to change. A shocking report published by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition reveals that while milk is responsible for the growth of strong bones, wine helps to sustain strong bones. The researchers discovered links between improved bone mineral density (BMD) and red wine consumption in men aged 50 to 80. BMD is simply the concentration of minerals like calcium in the bones and measures bone strength. In other words, higher BMD leads to better bone health. If you don’t like the taste of milk too much, how about drinking wine instead to strengthen those bones? At Carecci wine shop Singapore, you can find a large variety of Italian wines to strength those bones and give you a good time.

Discovering Tannin

Tannin which is prevalent in red wines is a strong antioxidant and natural preservative that aids wine aging but breaks down over time. The youngest, darkest and most intense red wines designed for aging are usually most tannic. Also known as the “wine grip”, tannin’s mouth drying effect is mostly apparent after 30 to 60 seconds after tasting. Do not confuse the mouth drying effect as those dry wine that are not sweet. Red wines obtain the tannin from the skin of grapes. These polyphenolic antioxidant compounds give red wines its colour, flavor and astringency. Wine is better learned through tasting, so why not discover wondrous Tannin today with Carecci red wine Singapore shop.

Time is a Scarce Resource

As they say, every action has an opportunity cost; this is the reason why we think hard before making any important decision. We all will agree that time is a precious commodity and time spent in an activity means that this time is no longer available for other activities. Many busy professionals love cooking and they require the right ingredients to wipe out tantalizing dishes, however, a trip to the supermarket takes up too much unnecessary time. The best part of online shopping is that saves time and yet it’s cheaper. Carecci online grocery shopping Singapore shop aims to bring a smile to busy professionals as we save them time but they are still able to realise their culinary goals with the right ingredients.

The King of Italian Cheeses

Parmigiano reggiano is renown due to its extraordinary nutritional value and is superior to grana padano. This cheese has the highest percentage of proteins of any cheese, a staggering 33%, which has also more protein than any other meat. It contains large quantities of mineral salts such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium as well as vitamin A, B complex and niacin. Babies, children, the elderly and athletes are recommended to consume this cheese due to its high nutritional value. Parmigiano is usually grated over pasta, soups and risotto. In addition, an elegant way to use Parmigiano is in the Carpaccio recipe. Look out for Parmigiano reggiano from Carecci, a cheese supplier singapore company.

July 2014 Issue

The Panacea to Online Shoppers’ Fears

There are a host of problems that could grip online shoppers. Firstly, some online shops claim that they have inventory, but in reality, most don’t carry a lot of stock. This leads to the problem of slow delivery. Imagine organizing a party this weekend, you ordered the wines online but the wines only arrived the following weekend…we feel for you. On top of that making the order was as tough as navigating through the Labyrinth (from Greek mythology). At, wine supplier singapore shop we eliminate all of that. We hold adequate inventory based on advanced logistics management leading to fast delivery. Our fleet of delivery vehicles ensure that your orders reach you within 2 days. Our seamlessly designed website also utilizes cutting edge technology for the ultimate shopping experience. We just want the best for our customers.

Italian Hard Liquor, The Secret Ingredient

Every barmen will tell you that their mixing is better than the previous barman. Cocktails, made by mixing some of form of distilled liquor with juice, milk or soda carries the alcohol from the liquor and the flavor of the mixer. The secret of success lies in the potency of the alcohol to accentuate the flavor of the mixer. Here’s some chemistry 101; The volatile alcohol molecules swiftly carry the aromas of the soda to your olfactory senses (i.e. your nose) as it evaporates rapidly. At, we hold a fine collection of Italian hard liquor such as grappa, a fragrant, grape-based pomace brandy which will add a zest to your mixer. Hence, master barmen prefer shopping for their hard liqour at, hard liquor singapore shop as it will make the difference between their mixing and the previous barman.

Calling All Gourmands

In recent years, fine cooking at home is becoming increasingly popular. This has been exacerbated by TV shows such as Hell’s Kitchen starring Gordon Ramsey and MasterChef. Gourmands, who enjoy the tinkling sensation of great flavours, know what they really want and how to cook it but getting the right ingredients can be a challenge at times. As if an answer to their cries,, a food supplier singapore shop was created. We source for the best ingredients from Italy, the land of fine culinary arts so that you can whip up extraordinary dishes. Our extensive collection includes, truffles oil, olive oil, rare flavoured infused pasta, cavier and Italian melanzane (eggplant). Dear fellow Gourmands, look no further as fine ingredients is just a click away.

The Land of Great Red Wines

With 2000 years of vini-culture, the Italians probably know their red wines better than anyone else. Currently, Italy is the world’s largest producer of wine (of which 60% is red wine), representing one third of the world’s global supply. This only goes to show how much wine drinkers appreciate Italian wines. The secret behind Italy’s wine production is its diverse wine growing regions. The cool, mountainous north which sits Piedmont produces distinct and simple wines, while sunny Tuscany in Italy’s central region offers full bodied and lustrous wines. Famous Italian red wines include Amarone, Barolo, Chianti, Barbaresco and Brunello di Montalcino. Italian wines exhibit complexities that reflect the terroir of the region and the winemaker’s skills. Such artistry must be experienced personally, hence, red wine singapore shop plans to bring Italy’s fine wines to every wine drinker’s doorstep.

June 2014 Issue

Unique Hard Liquors from Italy

If you are young and looking to party then your party cannot be complete without hard liquor. But sometimes we all get bored from ordering the same old ones like whisky and scotch. Carecci Trading, an online hard liquor singapore store has a solution for that boredom. We import interesting hard liquors. Did you know that you can have lemon liquors? Think of it as lemonade mixed with alcohol. If you haven’t tried lemoncello, you are missing out. Best part of all you can order your alcohols online at your convenience so that you can focus on the other important aspects of your party like drinking.

The Miracle Drug

Researchers have claimed that drinking a glass of red wine everyday helps prevent heart disease. Red wine contains antioxidants, such as flavonoids and a substance called resveratrol. These heart healthy molecules will save you thousands of dollars. Rather than seeing the doctor, why not browse through Carecci’s large exquisite collection of red wines online. It’s definitely more convenient that making a trip to the clinic. With the click of a button, bottles of red wines will be delivered to your doorstep, talk about 21st century convenience. To add to that, our online red wine singapore shop will have you wanting for more as it is reasonably priced. Don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself. Start saving money on medical bills today!

Singapore’s Online Italian Wine Shop Specialist

Carecci Trading’s ethos is built on the dream of introducing the whole of Asia to Italian wines. We believe that wine brings people from all walks of life together and nobody makes wine better than the Italians. They have been doing it for two thousand years. With such a rich vini-culture, their wines are more strong bodied compared to the new world wines. Although there are more online wine shop singapore these days, there are only a few that specializes in Italian wines and Carecci Trading is one of them. Okay we will save the words for another time, honestly the best way to experience wine is to drink it for yourself.

Amarone, King of the Italian Red Wines

Amarone is one of Italy’s best kept secrets and if you haven’t tried Amarone, you haven’t experience Italy. Amarone sometimes known as Amarone Della Valpolicella is a rich dry red wine made from mostly Corvina grapes with a small percentage of Rondinella. Amarone has a warm, spicy, powerful bouquet with intense aromas of cherry, bitter almond and vanilla. In 2009, it was promoted to DOCG (Denominazione Di Origine Controllata E Garantita) and officially become one of Italy’s most expensive wines. Amarone literally means “the great bitter”. If you want good Amarone, you can find them at Carecci Trading, an online supplier of Italian wine singapore.

May 2014 Issue

The Demand of Wine in Singapore

Something is missing yet you cannot fully comprehend what is it that you are looking for. You feel somewhat empty. And you are aware that the only thing that would fill in the blank of your day is a glass of wine from wine wholesale Singapore shops.

From the different types of wine that can be made available in the market, you can choose your most preferred. There are wines from the old world such as Italy and France and wines from the new world such as Australia. You will definitely be spoilt for choice.

Considered to be one of the most loved and sought after drinks of people, many are getting encouraged to include wine on their “for sale” items. In Singapore, some even thought of having their own wine wholesale Singapore shops to better serve the populace with their wine needs.

It would no longer surprise us if one day, we would see wine as a prime offer of all places where one can dine. With the popularity that it is getting, wine will be a sure hit item in the marketplace. ‘Carecci & Figli’ is one of those companies who specializes in importing popular Italian wines.

Get the Italian Taste in Singapore

You ponder for a while and wonder where you are at. You savour the most authentic Italian gastronomical flavor but you are not in Italy. Wait for a second. Is it for real; is it an Italian wine Singapore shop that you are seeing? It indeed is!
There is no longer a need for you to travel across the world for you to experience wines of different countries. Your desire to taste genuine Italian wines will been answered today. More than what you have ever asked for, there is a substantial number of wine choices for you to choose from.
Since customers who are getting hooked with wine tasting and drinking is increasing, ‘Carecci & Figli’ decided to bring you the concept of the “Italian wine Singapore shop”. Fans of wines will experience a godsend as convenience is delivered right before you. Now you can enjoy the glass of the finest wine at half of your time and effort that you will usually take to make a trip down to a physical store.
Experience the taste of Italian wine even when you are out of this country. Take pleasure in the warm tinkling feeling of it and be one of the many wine lovers.

Why Online Suppliers

Shops are getting busier that it had been years back then. People no longer have the privacy and personal space to shop in a physical store due to the crowds. It becomes a hassle for one to roam around. Thus, many opt to buy online from wine suppliers Singapore.
Ease and convenience are two things that are highly looked for by the customers when buying. Of course, one would simply prefer to take a seat, click their computer mouse and find products that would fit their needs rather than making their way to jam-packed shops.
Alleviating stress and other negative vibes are probable reasons why one opts to drink wine. Since this is the case, online wine suppliers Singapore has been regarded as a great choice for people who are within the same circle.
Contrary to the belief of many, going for online suppliers is actually safer. ‘Carecci & Figli’ takes great care in cyber security so that you can shop with ease. Moreover, your wines will be delivered straight to your doorstep so there’s no risk of being robbed of your exquisite wines.
With many years of experience in delivering satisfying wine products, the company promises a pleasurable flavor that will leave you wanting for more.

Choose the Right Wine

Options after options. There could be lots of them. However, not every piece of alternative is good for you. No matter how many of them are given before you, there is still a need for you to be confident of the one you pick. Quality should always come first and ahead of quantity especially if it is food and drinks from white wine Singapore shops.
Turn your day into a shining moment of your life and your night to the most memorable one. Do this and more with the presence of a glass of wine. Have a toast of it with your loved ones or with your friends and other acquaintances.
Wanting to have a taste of Italy within the Singapore vicinity? You definitely can. With white wine Singapore shops, you can experience Italian wine making passion right at home without travelling millions of miles to Italy. Enjoy and throw a night of amazing memories. Don’t hold back.
Amazing flavors and wine options are brought and delivered to you closer by ‘Carecci & Figli’. With them, you can have an avenue of delightful taste and rejuvenating drinks. Their offers give justification to every amount you spent in buying.

April 2014 Issue

Be Relieved the Wine Way

A sip on a glass of wine. A soothe over your thirsty throat. What a wonderful moment this could be!
Many people enjoy having a bottle of red wine over their table when dining with their colleagues. As said by Robert Louis Stevenson; wine is a bottled poetry that is deserved to experience and appreciated.
Yes. Plenty of good words can be associated with wines. With its taste that almost makes you fall in love, wine is a promise of thousand other parties or engagements to be held. Recently, Singapore has started to emerge as a wine hub and many wine suppliers in Singapore will have you spellbound.
For many reasons, wine had been the favorite of many when celebrating special moments of their lives. Be it family gathering or nights of having fun, wine has been chosen as perfect companion.
Why not have a glass of wine if it would give you the happiness you want. Or at least the momentary escape to reality. Or even being relieved from what you are going through.
Most wine suppliers in Singapore aren’t the typical sellers you used to know. They are the ones who bring wine at its finest. High quality wine is what they can provide.
If you would like to experience having a sip of the best wine, get to know ‘Carecci & Figli’.

Say Cheese !

You can survive a day without eating but you would definitely have it the hard way. For once, your body needs the energy and the nutrients it deserves to be well functional and to let you do the things you ought to do in a day of your life.
Breakfast is said to be the very foundation of your energy source for one day. And because this is the case, you need to always make sure that you are having the right food. Among the many foods that you can consider for your morning meal is cheese.
As an F&B hub, Cheese suppliers in Singapore understand the need to have the right kind of food that would suffice both the desire of your taste bud as well as the requirements of your body. Apart from the varieties of cheese they provide to the market, they also deliver the products at reasonable prices.
You do not have to spend much time in looking and choosing for the right sellers. ‘Carecci & Figli’ is one among the best cheese suppliers in Singapore that can provide you a variety of imported cheeses like Burrata, Gorgonzola, Mozzarella and Stracciatella. They cater to both businesses and households.

Loving the White Wine

When in the Lion city, put your glass up and have a toast of white wine in Singapore. Celebrate occasions or make ordinary days special. You can enjoy a moment with wine at home or at bars and restaurants of your choice. No matter where you would want to experience the goodness of wine, it is still recommended to only choose the one that is of high quality.
For the years that had gone through, wine has been considered by many as their favorite partner in celebrating days and/or nights with their best buddies. Believed to ease sorrow or pain that one is feeling, wine has been patronized by growing number of people in this part of the world.
Many suppliers and makers of wine are now competing in the marketplace. Some promise to give you nothing but the finest kind of wine. However, you often end up being disappointed as you either don’t like the taste of the wine being provided to you or that it is how you expected it to be.
Since you are drinking wine to alleviate the negative vibes or the things you want to be taken out, you deserve the best. Lucky you are for ‘Carecci & Figli’ can make you forget the worries that you have when it comes to choosing white wine in Singapore. Talk to them today and start experiencing enjoyment with white wine.

The Red Wine Elegance

Be classy and show people what you’ve got. Establish yourself and have the state you want.
Red wine in Singapore is known to be the statement of one’s status and preferred taste. It is made from the dark colored grapes that are being processed through various stages of manufacturing. With this, red wine often appears in deep violet color that later turns into brick red. As the process goes by, the color seems to be in deep dark red.
For many, consumption of red wine is an expression of one’s love for mature and old types of drinks. This is most preferred for the taste it offers and the delightful feeling one can express with a sip of this wine.
There are a number of suppliers across this part of the world who make red wine available in the market. To date, finding companies that offers red wine in Singapore is easier that it has ever been in the past years. This is because the high demand for this type of drinks has been widely recognize.
You can count on ‘Carecci & Figli’ as you talk about red wine. With the high quality wines it provides at reasonable rate, you definitely can be as classy as you could have yourself imagined to be.