Classic Soft Wheat 00 Pizza Flour 1kg (Red Packaging)- Polselli (Expiry Date: 09 December 2024)


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Polselli’s Classic Soft Wheat “00” Pizza Flour
Classica is a flour blend obtained by milling selected tender grains of domestic and foreign origin. It is recommended for working using the direct method with medium leavening times, and is suitable for the preparation of traditional Neapolitan pizza.


Serving Suggestion: For production of pizza dough. When mixed with Semolina flour, it can be used to make fresh pasta.


Certification/Awards:  Polselli’s flour delivers constant performance. All the products are of extremely high quality, without additives or added enzymes. Each grain is processed using a procedure that preserves and maintains its purity and organoleptic properties. Polselli has studied every single grain for three generations, making the most of its flavoursome and nutritious elements. Their company’s strength lies in the blending capabilities and production process.