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Caffen’s Decaffeinated Coffee Pods
Decaffeinato 70% Arabica, 44mm E.S.E (Easy Serving Espresso) Pods, Each E.S.E. pod contains 7g of coffee compressed into filter pod with a 44mm diameter. High-quality selected raw coffees and a special roasting process that naturally eliminates the caffeine: the secret of decaffeinated coffee blend for bars. All the taste of a bar espresso coffee according to the best Neapolitan tradition wedded to the lightness of a superb decaffeinated blend. Remaining caffeine not higher than 0,1% according to DPR 10/05/76

Suitable for espresso bar

Caffen’s history began in 1955, in the heart of the ancient Parthenopean city. Today the ‘Caffen’ trademark (an acronym for ‘Neapolitan Coffee’) is recognised by many consumers. Founder Don Luigi travel around the world to select quality raw coffee and experiment with roasting and blends to find the ones that could provide consumers with high quality coffee with an unmistakable taste, typical of the Neapolitan (Naples) tradition.