Master Gourmet Gold Cream 1 Litre (Halal) – Master Martini (Expiry Date: 25 May 2025)


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Master Martini’s Master Gourmet Gold Cream (Halal)  
Non-dairy UHT product for confectionery and cooking.

Serving Suggestion
For cooking rice, pasta, meat, vegetables and other dishes.
For whipping, chill between 5 – 10 deg cel, sweeten to taste and whip at medium speed until desired consistency is obtained.

Storage Instructions
Store between 2- 20 deg cel. After opening, keep in refrigerator and use within 3-4 days.

Master Martini manufacture high quality products since 1972 for the professional market. Master Martini has developed over the years a leading position in the market for Bakery, both in Italy and in foreign markets. The product range consists of: margarines and vegetable fats, chocolate and toppings, chocolate substitutes, vegetable creams UHT, premix powder (premix and improvers for pastry and bakery), liquid cream bases, oils frying. These references are subdivided into different varieties and formats offering professionals from the artisan to the big industry.